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Activiti Diagrams in RCP application

Question asked by jgoncalves on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by peilers

we're developing a product that extensively uses workflow's. We've done some research and poc's and decided to go with Activiti 'cause it looked the best option of all (very nice product, congratulations  :)  )

One of our requirement is to have a kind of "backoffice" application (RCP application) to manage all administrative data including the workflow's used by our application.

We've started by following the "Activiti Designer Developer Guide" and we manage to get the application up and running easily.

We notice that the designer depend's heavily on one plugin that we don't need in our "backoffice" application, the "org.eclipse.ui.ide".

Our main requirements are:
  - Be able to edit and create new workflow's
  - Be able to store the 2 definition files (.xml and .activiti) in a DB table
  - Be able to load them from the DB
  - Edit/create diagrams without the project perspective that the plugin have by default

Main use case:
    - Step 1: read the list of workflows from the db and present it to the user
    - Step 2: the user select's one to open
    - Step 3: the system load's the diagram from the db
    - Step 4: the system present's the diagram (default Activiti editor)
    - Step 5: user change and validate the diagram
    - Step 6: user click save button
    - Step 7: system save's the diagram in the database

My questions are:

  1 - Is this possible or are we completly wrong?
  2 - If yes, or no, can you point us in the right direction?

Ps: RCP applications are not our main skill but we learn fast … we have to  :lol:

Thanks in advance for all the help you can provide us,