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How long does Alctiviti store runtime data?

Question asked by bwestrich on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by thilo.ginkel

I'm looking at the excellent query api's provided by Activiti to see if they will meet my needs.

Some of these (for example, process instance query, accessed via engine.getRuntimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery) go against data stored in the runtime database tables (e.g. ACT_RU_*, such as ACT_RU_VARIABLE).

The user manual states the following about the runtime database tables:
ACT_RU_*: 'RE' (sic) stands for runtime. These are the runtime tables, that contain the runtime data of process instances, user tasks,variables, jobs, etc. Activiti only stores the runtime data during process instance execution, and removes the records when a process instance ends. This keeps the runtime tables small and fast.

I'm noticing however that these tables are not getting cleared out when process instances end. 

Anyone know why these tables are not getting cleared of data? 

If this is a "feature", I'll likely continue using these tables not only for runtime but also for historical queries. If this is a "bug", I'll look at using the history tables for historical queries instead….