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TaskQuery processVariableValueEquals

Question asked by tepani on Dec 14, 2011
as I can see in the Activiti Engine API
TaskQuery has a method processVariableValueEquals <<< Only select tasks which have are part of a process that have a variable with the given name set to the given value.

how ever i search for the opposite of processVariableValueEquals  which is processVariableValueNotEquals….
why method processVariableValueNotEquals is not available??

I make a custom TaskQueryImpl like the following:

public class CustomTaskQueryImpl extends TaskQueryImpl {

   public CustomTaskQueryImpl() {

   public CustomTaskQueryImpl(CommandContext commandContext) {

   public CustomTaskQueryImpl(CommandExecutor commandExecutor) {

   public TaskQuery processVariableValueNotEquals(String variableName,
         Object variableValue) {
      variables.add(new TaskQueryVariableValue(variableName, variableValue,
            QueryOperator.NOT_EQUALS, false));
      return this;

and use that class as following

CustomTaskQueryImpl taskQuery = CustomTaskQueryImpl(taskService.getCommandExecutor())
taskQuery.processVariableValueEquals("catagory", "aa")
taskQuery.processVariableValueNotEquals("username", "notme")

but why it search all taskQuery that has variable with category "aa" and username "notme" ??
why the processVariableValueNotEquals still behave like processVariableValueEquals???

how to make it right?
please help…thanks