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JobQuery methods name

Question asked by jmoutsinga on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by jmoutsinga
Hi all,

I just have notice that the JobQuery interface have some methods that seems to have a fault (compare to all other queries interfaces)

The methods :
JobQuery.duedateHigherThen(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateHigherThenOrEquals(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateLowerThen(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateLowerThenOrEquals(Date date)

should have been named

JobQuery.duedateHigherThan(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateHigherThanOrEquals(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateLowerThan(Date date)
JobQuery.duedateLowerThanOrEquals(Date date)

I know that it's a detail and it's so boring to fix it (deprecate old, add new ones etc..) but all the rest of the API is just so consistent that I was thinking it's almost a shame to keep this in the API ;-)