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Is it possible to re-try or skip a Java Service Task?

Question asked by rtitov1 on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by trademak
Dear Activiti Gurus,

We're investigating a possibility of using Activiti in our corporate document handling system which has plenty of complex workflows. Those workflows consist of multiple steps that would be Java Service Tasks in Activiti. Most of the steps involve interacting with humans (our advanced analog of a User Task) and transferring data to other corporate systems. Sometimes workflows get stuck in a middle, e.g. due to data inconsistency. When this happens our engineers have to either re-try the stuck task once the problem is resolved or to skip the task and push workflow to the next step if the task was performed manually. In most of our cases re-starting process from the beginning in case of a problem isn't an option since multiple persons may have already approved it and asking them again for approval is not feasible. Therefore when an exception occurs the workflow has to be "suspended" on the errored task with an option of retrying or skipping it. Sometimes a task may even have to be retried if there was no exception altogether (for example, if we transfer data to an external system and the external system reports success but later we discover that somehow the receiver system didn't get data succesfully and we have to re-transfer it again).

Therefore, here is a question: is there a technical possibility to re-try or skip a Java Service Task in a middle of an Activiti process without having to re-start the process from scratch?

Thank you in advance for answering,