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How to implement restart/pause/resume in Activiti

Question asked by lxjchengcu on Dec 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by ovonel
Since Activiti has started to support asynchronous messages since 5.8, so I have implemented a 'retry' function for Activiti, user could start/restart a process instance from given activity, i.e. if a process instance is suspended at a activity, user could call this API to enable the process instance to restart from a given activity even though the activity has never run, here is the process logic(not 100% match with my code change):

1: get history process instance
2: get process definition
3: get all executions
4: get root execution(parent execution is null, if there are concurrent executions,IS_ACTIVE_=0,IS_CONCURRENT_=0,IS_SCOPE_=1)
5: get concurrent executions(IS_ACTIVE_=1,IS_CONCURRENT_=1,IS_SCOPE_=0), when concurrent execution runs to gateway activity, IS_ACTIVE_ will be 0
6: New ExecutionEntity for this activity
7: new MessageEntity for the newly created ExecutionEntity
8: New cancelJobsList object where to store those jobs need to be killed or cancelled.
9: check if given activity is on branch(outgoing transitions size > incoming transitions size)
10: if isActivityOnBranch = false
   10.1: put all jobs into cancelJobsList
   10.2: delete all executions
   10.3: Newly ExecutionEntity.setConcurrent(false), setScope(true)
   10.3: goto 11.3.3
11: if isActivityOnBranch = true
   11.1: get all activities on the branch including the activities on head branch
   11.2: check if root execution is existed  
   11.2: if isRootExecution is existed        
         11.2.1: if root execution has no children executions
        delete the job entity of root execution
        put the job id into cancelJobsList
        root execution.setActive(false);execution.setConcurrent(false); execution.setScope(true)
        goto 11.3.2
         11.2.2: if root execution has children executions
        get all concurrent executions except the execution whose activity is in the list in 11.1)
       get none concurrent executions exception the executions in 11.2.1)
       remove those executions from root executions
       delete none concurrent executions
       put the jobs of none concurrent executions to cancelJobsList
       goto 11.3.2
   11.3: if isRootExecution is not existed
         11.3.1: New root execution, execution.setActive(false);execution.setConcurrent(false); execution.setScope(true);        
         11.3.2: Newly ExecutionEntity.setConcurrent(true);execution.setScope(false)
         11.3.3: set the parent to newly root execution for the newly ExecutionEntity
         11.3.4: save newly ExecutionEntity and MessageEntity
12: call job threads manager to cancel given jobs in cancelJobsList
13: return true

I am not sure if there is a plan for Activiti team to implement a feature like this, but I hope it could help those people who need this feature, I will discuss with our manager to decide whether or not share the code.

welcome any feedback.