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Java Service Task class specified

Question asked by activity_explorer on Jan 1, 2012
I'm trying to make a simple business process with the eclipse designer plug in. The workflow is made of a start event -> java Service Task -> end event.

I added an activiti diagram to the project and then with the editor made the workflow referred above.

The problem with this is that the diagram isn't validated because a class to the service task want's specified "'Service Task' has no class specified".

I want to set the activiti:class attribute but I can't do that because the bpmn20.xml isn't generated due to the .activiti not being valid.

So, how can I define the class to the service task if I can't access to the bpm20.xml?

Thanks in advance.
Edit: Found the solution…didn't know there was a properties view for the task, bee it service script or others…sorry for the dumb question