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process variable

Question asked by sapra on Jan 3, 2012
I have a java object stored in the process variables. I have a user task in my process.
I use a custom that implements a approve/reject action.
in my handler code of the GUI event, I do the following :
Object o = runtimeService.getVariable(task.getExecutionId(), "service");
GenericService service = (GenericService) o;
and I complete the task.

This causes the process to advance, but, my process does a service.isApproved() call which is returning false even though the above code sets it to true.

I saw that the object being worked on is different;
1. when I first stored into the process map, it is o1,
2. the object my gui handler is using is some o2,
3. the object my process is calling on is some other, o3.

this is leading to error in my process execution.

what I am doing wrong here.

appreciate any pointers.