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Mule Task from designer

Question asked by nickparker on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2012 by adkins83
I am a new adopter of Activiti after having used ActiveVOS and BizTalk.
I find the product fast to develop with and am very interested in the Alfresco integration however we are running most of our processes via the embeded engine in Mule, Mule is being used to integrate the processes with other services in our application.

I have one serious problem that I am hoping there is a simple answer for.  In the User Guide the ServiceTask activiti:type must be set to Mule, this breaks the connection between the Designer .activiti file and the bpmn20 file.  Once this value has been set we cant edit the process in the designer as the validation fails because we dont have any suitable service class settings on the ServiceTask and hence we then cant do the return trip to the bpmn20 file.

How are other people creating Mule integrations whilst using the designer? We have Activiti Designer 5.8.

All comments welcome.