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Generic Web Integration Layer - Missing?

Question asked by talbeno on Jan 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2012 by vnama
We need to integrate the Activiti engine with our products. We went over the REST APIs and the custom java classes.

We think that what could be a "clean" integration architecture is a way to inject into the process XML file / process definition generator, a reference to the following:
1. From a process step definition, a WS*/REST call to an outside program/URL. Without the need to bind with code (e.g. Java class).
2. Define a process event that can be triggered from an outside program over WS*/REST. Since you already have a REST API all that is needed is a mechanism to register to the external REST call, and then activating the step in the process that this event was attached to in RT.

Going over your documentation I assume that this integration layer is missing in the current product.
Is this true - or any alternatives that are still in this "clean" direction (rather than bind a Java code)? Is this on the roadmap? Any advice for us how to implement it on our own?