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Hos should activiti engine be deplyed in the following envir

Question asked by rajeshiv on Jan 12, 2012
      My question is with how should activiti engine be configured with respect to a couple deplyoment models .  Please find attached the image files which briefly describe how my deployment models look like.

1 ) Passive model (Please find attached the image file ) : In this model I have two environments with their own app servers, DB instances . The traffic is always sent to the A side. However when the A side crashes for some reason traffic is diverted to the back up B side. The DB instances of both A and B are synchronized every 15 mints. Ofcourse both Side A and Side B should support work flow, as they are identical  from the application point of few. Please advise what would be the best way to deploy activiti engine in this scenario

2) Active Mode (Please find attached the image file) : In this model the traffic can be sent to any of the sides (A or B), both the sides are active all the time, and it is the discretion of the user not the geo as to select which side to send the traffic to. The DB instances of both the sides are synchronized on regular intervals. Both the sides should support the work flow, and same processes will be running on both the sides. What would be the best way to deploy activiti engines in this scenario.