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2 TimerboundaryEvent bugs

Question asked by johnccr on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by bardioc
Hello Guys

I have noticed designer overwrite properties when moving from one timerboundaryevent to another, this is.

0. I have TimerBoundaryEvent1 with a Time Duration and TimerBoundaryEvent2 with Time Cycle set
1. I click on TimerBoundaryEvent1 and I see Time Duration for it
2. I click on TimerBoundaryEvent2 and Time Duration is not erased but also set for TimerBoundaryEvent2
3. I go back to TimerBoundaryEvent1 and now both TimerBoundaryEvents have both Time Duration and Time Cycle set which is not supposed to happen.

Also trying to move a TimerBoundaryEvent position will throw a "unhandled event loop exception" on ecliipse, I guess is designed not to be moved once attached to a task, but when I move the task it is attached TimerBoundaryEvents stays on the same position making the diagram to look confusing.

Hope it helps,

PS I am using Eclipse Helios SP1 and Activity 5.8 and latest version of plugin from (up to last week)