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Pass form property to web service

Question asked by nicoletta on Jan 21, 2012
Hi experts,

I need to pass a form property to a web service.
For example: I have a user task with a form property "personnel number".
The personnel number needs to be passed to a web service, which uses it as input parameter for a query.

I tried several ways, but nothing works.
The web service basically works fine in JUnit when I set global variables for following code:

      <dataInput id="personnelNumber" itemSubjectRef="tns:takeOverEmployeeRequestItem" />
      <dataOutput id="outputvariable" itemSubjectRef="tns:takeOverEmployeeResponseItem" />

<serviceTask id="HRDatabase_UpdateTakeover_Austria" name="HRDatabase_UpdateTakeover_Austria" implementation="##WebService" operationRef="tns:takeOverEmployeeOperation">

many thanks in advance.