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Usage scenario for RCP client / server application

Question asked by prace on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by prace

i'm just evaluating activiti for our application and i''m not sure about the "right" way to use activiti in our scenario.

We have an RCP client Application that is working against an application server. So currently my idea is to use the REST interface to implement the communication with Activiti which may run on the same application server inside an tomcat (similar to the activiti demo setup).
During my tests, i found that the REST API still has some issues and the REST client even for a java application has to be implemented ourselves.
And there seems to be no ("out of the box") unit tests for the REST API.

Is it possible to use the current Java API to communicate with a remote (running) instance of activiti? if not, is there something like that in the pipeline?

Are there other options or recommendations regarding this setup?

Thank You!