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Minimal Activiti engine for use on Android

Question asked by hybridmojo on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by hybridmojo
Hi folks,

I wanted to get an idea of the size and components that would make up a minimal project using Activiti so I can try to deploy it on Android.  I tried using jBoss jBpm but unfortunately to do even basic tasks like loading a bpmn file, jBpm has rather extensive dependencies on drools.  Drools doesn't work well on Android because it compiles bytecode at runtime which is incompatible w/ Android's Dalvik bytecode.  If all you need to do is define a process using the jBPM process API, without any custom nodes, it's pretty smooth, but I really do not want to define my processes using java (or I wouldn't use a workflow engine at all!).

My application is not particularly complex– mostly, I just need to loop running some custom java code which grabs some data until certain conditions are met, at which time another custom tasks is called.  It gets trickier because several of these loops need to run in parallel and the full process diagram, drawn out in powerpoint, is about 15 pages long.  This could be done without a workflow engine, I suppose, but it sounds like an absolutely awful mess to maintain.