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Trouble with Execution Listeners

Question asked by vnama on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by vnama
Hello everyone!

I have define a process where the sequence flow between two service tasks has an execution listener. What I am looking to do is have the process wait for an external event to continue the process. I put an infinite loop within the notify method of my execution listener class. When I deployed this to the explorer, it blocked the entire explorer application. Nothing crashed, but I wasn't able to navigate the application. I wanted to block the process from continuing, but it seems the engine is also being stalled. Is this a misimplementation on my execution class, or the engine?

Also, I'd prefer to not to use a receive task to stall the process, I'm really looking to use some sort of listener that will halt the process and listen for an external event.

Thank you so much for any guidance in this issue!