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Activity Name of the current Activity

Question asked by zobbl on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by zobbl
Hi there,

currently I'm displaying the current task and all the completed tasks from the running instance

the historyService gives me access to all completed tasks from the given instance. There I can access the activities Name, which is defined in the ProcessDefinition.
But for the current task I have to use the activityID from the processInstance that is running. Problematic as the ID and the Name are similar in some way but not equal.

Is there a way to add the activityName to the processInstance or to query the name in some way with the activitiyID?

The DeploymentService doesn't give me any hint how to do so, except for one solution:
Querying the ResourceName of the deployment and parsing the XML-File.
It isn't that bad, because I'm using Activiti with Grails and Groovy provides me a nice and neat way to access XML-Structures, but I think it's a bit oversized just to display another String

Is there a smart and smooth way to do so?

I hope you understand my problem ;)