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Getting runtime and historical variables

Question asked by javaduke on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by prace
I'm working on Mule and Activiti integration module, which should support both embedded and remote mode, i.e. interaction with remote Activiti server via REST API. One problem that I'm currently facing is that it seems to be no way to obtain runtime and historical variables via REST API. Am I missing something? So far my workaround is to connect to the data source that Activiti server uses and run SQL queries, but this is a pretty bad hack IMHO. My queries look like:

Get runtime variable: SELECT * FROM act_ru_variable WHERE PROC_INST_ID_ = ? AND NAME_ = ?
Get historic variable: SELECT * FROM act_hi_detail WHERE PROC_INST_ID_ = ? AND NAME_ = ? AND ACT_INST_ID_ = ?

Can this be done using REST? Or is there any other way to connect to remote standalone Activiti server and get these data?

Thanks a lot!

Forgot to mention: I'm using latest Activiti 5.8.