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Activiti + Mule + Drools?

Question asked by dondarza on Feb 11, 2012

I´m preparing a POC with Mule together with activiti as BPM. Mule will receive messages through different protocols and depending on the content will trigger one or another process in activiti. The problem is that the fact in determining which process has to start is quite complex and there are many business rules to check. As an example, if an email is received and the subject is X, the recipient is Y and the Body has W, start process A, if not if …

Because of that I´m thinking about different possibilites:

1) Integrate drools into Mule to decide which process should start in activiti.
2) Integrate drools into activiti and create a single entry point in activiti (one main process) that after checking the content of the message with drools will call activiti sub processes.
3) Use what is provided by default in Mule and activiti (not using drools) to handle the routing and process decisions. With this I don´t want to end with large mule config files or really complex processes in activiti that are not easy to mantain.
4) Any other advice?

Thanks in advance.