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Retry task and visualisation of the processes

Question asked by alexander1 on Feb 13, 2012
Dear Activiti Gurus,
First of all I’d like to say that I’m investigating the Activiti for a while to see how it’s suitable to our company. I’m quite impressed that Activiti provide lots of features and is so wide integrated with today technology. But I still have some points to clear. Most of them are about managing and monitoring BPMN processes. Unfortunately, this part of the book “Activiti in Action” is not available yet.
1)      What happen to the task if it could not be executed? For example person could not be assigned to a user task or web service task couldn’t contact the server if it is shut down for some reason. There is a mechanism to provide flow of the task in case of error. But in our system the routing could be quite big and if it is blocked in one step it should stops on it and wait. Administrator should have a mechanism to see this and re-try this task or even skip it. For example the server is started again and web service task could be done. This is very important and I could not find this.
2)      Activiti explorer shows tasks which are in execution state. But after they are executed the information could be only found in History Service, but couldn’t be visualized. It’s too widely used in our system, because it’s possible to see who was assigned to each task and see the parameters value.  Is it possible to do it? Or we should implement our screen for this? How difficult would it be to develop our own screen and is there a standard way to do this?
3)      Sometimes we have situations then one of subtasks is ended and it should end whole parent routing and parallel sub tasks. I have found some parent-child relations in Activiti, but haven’t seen that it’s working this way. Only that parent task could end his child.
It will be very useful if you could give us some comments to our worries. If we don’t find solutions to this problems it will block the possibility of using Activiti. And it’s a shame, because it is very interesting and impressive tool. And it seems it was created by programmers for programmers.
Thank you in advance for answering,