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Escalation if user task is not claimed within a defined time

Question asked by gant on Feb 17, 2012

My requirement is to send an email, if a certain user task is not claimed within a specified time. My first thought was to use a timer boundary event, that fires after the time period specified. This works fine. My problem is, that this event also fires, if the task has already been claimed but not completed.

Is there a way, to 'disable' the boundary event at the moment, the task is claimed? For example using a listener for the 'claim' event of the user task?

If not, would it be the best option to let the boundary event be followed by a script task, that evaluates if the task is already claimed or not? In this case, what would the task query be to lookup the task with the boundary event that fired?

I don't know why, but I don't like the second scenario…