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How to add classes to the engine classpath

Question asked by afshad on Feb 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by afshad
I am using the ant demo.start (in C:\BPM_BatchSoftware\activiti-5.8\setup) to launch the activiti engine.
I created an eclipse Activiti project in the workspace at the location: C:\Workspace\activitiProj\ActivitiTest
In my project I created an Activiti diagram (bpmn file auto generated)
I created a deployment bar using Create Deployment Artifacts in eclipse.

Then in the Activiti explorer, I uploaded this bar file successfully.
However when I try to start the process in the explorer I get the exception:
Cause: org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: couldn't instantiate class org.activiti.delegates.LoadPointSetDelegate
See log attached.

I have the tomcat server running through ant demo.start

The documentation says: "Note that Java classes present in the business archive will not be added to the classpath. All custom classes used in process definitions in the business archive (for example Java service tasks or event listener implementations) should be present on the activiti-engine's classpath in order to run the processes."

How do I add my custom class and other dependencies to the activiti-engine's classpath when running the ant demo.start??
I also tried making a jar file out of everything in my project and putting it in:
That didnt work either. The jar file does contain the class.