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Integration with a large LDAP directorry

Question asked by tontonflingueur on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by tontonflingueur

I am currently implementing a Proof of Concept of an application integrating Activiti in a huge organization. Of course, LDAP integration is needed. I am aware that this topic has been discussed like thousand times on this forum and, in particular, I am aware of this link  :

The problem is that all the integration samples I have seen  between Activiti and LDAP involve at some point loading to memory the complete list of users and groups from the LDAP. From the above :

//TODO: get all users from your identity domain and convert them to List<User>

This does not seem wise to me for a LDAP with 80000+ entries. Has anybody any insight on integrating the Activiti Engine with a large LDAP repository ?

Thanks in advance for your help.