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How to retrieve the the return value of the last serviceTask

Question asked by petercahyadi on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by dananemanoj
Hi, is there a way to retrieve the return value of the serviceTask at the end of the process ?

My BPMN file is as below
<definitions id="definitions" targetNamespace=""
   xmlns:activiti="" xmlns="">
   <process id="testProcess" name="Test process">
      <startEvent id="theStart" />
      <sequenceFlow id='flow1' sourceRef='theStart' targetRef='javaService' />
      <serviceTask id="javaService" name="My Java Service Task"
         activiti:resultVariableName="myResult" />
      <sequenceFlow id='flow2' sourceRef='javaService'
         targetRef='theEnd' />
      <endEvent id="theEnd" />

And my Java serviceTask is as below

public class MyServiceTask {
   public String execute(String name) throws Exception {
      List<MyTable> myTables = myTableMapper.selectByExample(null);
      int maxId = -1;
      for (MyTable myTable : myTables) {
         maxId = maxId < myTable.getId() ? myTable.getId() : maxId;

      MyTable newMyTable = new MyTable();
      newMyTable.setId(maxId + 1);

      return "Halo " + name + " !";

   private MyTableMapper myTableMapper;


and here is my main code, which is the one who started the process.

Map<String, Object> input = new HashMap<String, Object>();
input.put("name", "Peter");
ProcessInstance pi = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("testProcess", input);

i've been trying to retrieve the return value of the java service task, after the startProcessInstanceByKey() finishes executing. but no luck so far, any suggestion on how to do this ?