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to fetch property of a customized node in its delegate class

Question asked by aparneshgaurav on Feb 29, 2012
Hi ,

I have created a customized pallete and a corresponding java delegate class

CODE : __________________________________________________________________ FOR CUSTOMIZED NODE

@Runtime(delegationClass = "com.delegation.DelegationClass")
@Help(displayHelpShort = "Add a file path", displayHelpLong = "Please make sure that file exists at path specified. ")
public class RNode extends AbstractCustomServiceTask {

   private static final String HELP_FILE = "Please make sure that file exists at path specified.";

   @Property(type = PropertyType.TEXT, displayName = "File path", required = true )
   @Help(displayHelpShort = "Please enter the file path", displayHelpLong = HELP_FILE)
   private String fileName;

   public String contributeToPaletteDrawer() {
      return "R Drawer";

   public String getName() {
      return "R Node";


CODE FOR DELEGATE CLASS_______________________________________________________-
public class DelegationClass implements JavaDelegate {
   public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
      System.out.println("Hi , inside the delegation class");

***The query is how do i fetch the fileName property filled in by the user in the property section of the dragged node in the delegate class ?

Thanks in advance !