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convert REST api to JAX-RS and JAXB

Question asked by lcavadas on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by cperrot

We are currently integrating an activity engine into our application. Since we use REST for  all client-server communication we would like to use the activiti-rest module.
We are using osgi with grizzly and jersey and so the current implementation of the REST api does not work for us.

The REST api is currently tightly bound to Restlet. I would like to propose that the rest-resources be converted to JAX-RS and JAXB and be kept on a different module of the current rest-webapp. This way both the current Restlet webapp can be kept and we can take advantage of it.

I think that a big plus for this approach is that any JAX-RS JAXB supporting Framework can be used for the REST api.

I've created an improvement ticket in JIRA for this. (

We would be more than happy to supply patches for this if we can agree that it is a good idea.