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using multi instance...

Question asked by sojasoja on Mar 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by nitroin

i have a user task which is needed to be assigned to all members of a group, so i should use multi instance , but i couldn't define collection variable properly in the designer in Eclipse, can anyone help me?! it always says "[variable name]" is not a collection!!!
how should i define this collection in Eclipse?!

i tried to create a script task , define a List<String> … but it didn't work,
use groovy and define: def Lname=  ["user1", "user2"]   it also didn't work…
define a new form variable Listname with value of {"user1" , "user2"} , ["user1" , "user2"] …. it didn't work too…

please help me ;)