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is POJO in Multi-Instance ReadOnly?

Question asked by jaiwo99 on Mar 5, 2012

i got a question.

i used a collection List<myPOJO> for a multi-instance process. so i got for every instance a object "myPOJO", is this object readonly? Because i did this

String executionId = ProcessService.getTaskService().createTaskQuery().taskId(taskId).singleResult().getExecutionId();
Map<String, Object> properties = ProcessService.getRuntimeService().getVariables(executionId);
MyPOJO myPOJO = (MyPOJO) properties.get("myPOJO");
but later in the process, i checked this variable in an exclusiveGateway ${}, process send me always to the 'false' way, so i think mb the object is read only, or should i use:

myPOJOList.get(loopcounter).setProperty(true); so i can set the value of my POJO object.

best regards, James