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Support sending html emails with FreeMarker templates

Question asked by tstephen on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by tstephen
I imagine this would involve:

    Designer: adding an activiti:field name="htmlTemplate" in addition to the one named "html", probably a "textTemplate" in addition to "text".
    Designer: validating that either the existing field or the template one is populated
    Engine: modify the mail service task implementation to recognise these params and invoke the FreeMarker engine passing all the in scope variables to it sending the result to the SMTP server just as it does the html field today.
Personally I imagine that templates would be bundled with the process (bpmn) file and loaded from the classpath but I know of others who would wish to be able to deploy them independently.

Alternately, perhaps it is possible to use the existing templating (JUEL?) and simply hold it externally to the process file.