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how to track errors

Question asked by tobiasw. on Mar 20, 2012

I was wondering how exactly I would handle errors.

For example, if my process runs into an email task and the recepient email variable is empty or the process runs into a human task that has no assignee.

Will this be logged into the history logger or are only positive transactions logged into this database table?

Is there a switch somewhere that allows Activiti to log all those events into a database or do I have to manually attach error signals, handlers and save it manually into the database?

Browsing the java doc I just noticed that I can set the "HISTORY_FULL" flag in my StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration

engine = new StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration()

I guess this would start the tracking. I am a bit unsure what it includes…


Best regards and thank you for your help in advance,