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Two places for process definition identifier on deployment?

Question asked by klemens on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by chen4613

I am wondering why it is necessary to provide the process definition two times during deployment. The first time I need to give it to the the method call:

repositoryService.createDeployment().addInputStream(identifier, inputStream).deploy();
and the second time I need to specify it inside the id element of the process definition.

Now I have the scenario where a user uploads workflow definitions to a server. The server executes the workflows based on these definitions. The problem is, that the user can not know which identifiers where used by other users to upload worklfows, so I need to assign identifiers on the server side. This is only possible by exchanging the identifier in the process definition, which requires me to parse the XML on the server side. That is quite ugly, since I had hoped that the identifier provided to the "addInputStream" method would be sufficient to call access the workflow definition later on.