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Inclusive gateway forking fails?

Question asked by ollih on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by ollih

I'm new here and also quite new with BPMN. I noticed behaviour with OR GW, which I think is strange.

The inclusive gateway in this process fails to fork, when a user completes the Engineering task one the second time:

How to repeat the failure:
1. start the process -> Engineering task one becomes active (has red border in the Activiti explorer's "My instances view")
2. User belonging to the group "Engineering" claims the task (using Activiti explorer) which was targeted to the group.
3. User completes the task -> Engineering task one and Sales task two become active.
4. User claims and completes again Engineering task one
  -> the OR GW starts, but never ends so only Sales task two remains active.

The following process, which works perfectly ok, has only one difference compared to the failing one: I have removed the never actually executed flow arrow from Sales task three to Engineering task one.

In this case the OR GW fires all the time normally and never freezes.

Why does the OR GW stop running if I have a flow chain back to the task, which is on the incoming side of the OR GW?

Have I understood wrong some fundamental thing of using the gateways or is there a bug in the OR GW?

I'll attach the .activiti file.
(I'm using Activiti version 5.9 in windows.)

Thanks for any help!