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Custom Export Marshaller

Question asked by gant on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2012 by tiesebarrell

I tried to write a custom Export Marshaller following the user guide to see how it works:
1. Created new Eclipse Plug-in project
2. Added the extension point to my plugins.xml
3. Subclassed AbstractExportMarshaller
4. Exported the plugin with the "install"-Method

The plugin seems to be deployed, since i get asked if i want to install unsigned content and i have to restart eclipse.

Then I created a new project and modelled a diagram. Then I saved the diagram. .activiti, .bpmn20.xml and .png files are generated but not my file.

Checked the eclipse properties section to enable the select the appropriate save-options. Under additional formats, I can't select ".myFormat", it isn't an option there.

Has anybody hints about what I'm doing wrong, or what I'm missing?

<?eclipse version="3.7"?>
      <ExportMarshaller class="">

Since my marshallDiagram() method starts like this, and the problem is not displayed in the problem view, i think, it's not called at all:
   public void marshallDiagram(Diagram diagram, IProgressMonitor monitor) {

      this.monitor = monitor;
      this.diagram = diagram;

      // Clear problems for this diagram first
      addProblemToDiagram(diagram, "Start Export", null);


P.S. I'm sing Eclipse Indigo and Activiti Designer 5.8