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Needed: Idiot's Guide to passing around variables

Question asked by garthako on Mar 24, 2012
Hi all,

Iam currently working on a project that wants to utilize activiti workflows.
I have some basic questions, but could not find answers on this board or the user guide.

So here are my questions:
- If I have a (groovy) script task and have something like
myVar = true
Then this is a global variable that is available in all other tasks that will follow, right?

- If this is true, then how may I use this variable in a user task?
I tried
<activiti:formProperty id="Create new User" name="Create new User" type="boolean" expression="#{myVar}" readable="true" writable="true"></activiti:formProperty>
<activiti:formProperty id="Create new User" name="Create new User" type="boolean" expression="${myVar}" readable="true" writable="true"></activiti:formProperty>
<activiti:formProperty id="Create new User" name="Create new User" type="boolean" expression="myVar" readable="true" writable="true"></activiti:formProperty>
This is either throwing me exceptions (CheckBox only accepts Boolean values) or does not check the checkbox if the variable is true

- When do I have to use myVar, ${myVar} and #{myVar}?!?!?

- Last but not least:
I have a dynamic array containing the values ["a","b","c"]
I want to show the user either a drop down field containing those values, or - even EVEN better - showing a checkbox for every entry in the array. Is this possible and if yes, how could I do that?

Thank you sooooo much in advance!!!