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Jobexecutor does not cope with simultaneousness

Question asked by sazzadul on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by stevennguyen

I wanted to share an experience with you and hopefully find a solution for it too.

It seems like Jobexecutor simply goes into hibernation when it gets to much to do.

Here is the scenario…
I have a process with a few servicetasks(async) and a user task with timerboundaryevent which was a duedate say 15 minutes ahead.
Now when I start a number of processes (say 100) they all enter the user task and waits for the duedate to expire.
So far so good, but as soon as the duedate expires the jobexecutor kicks in and it begins to work, I can see in the RU_JOB table that it updates the lock column for a few rows but thats basically it. The jobexecutor hereafter doesn't do a single thing, it totally stops. What is even worse it stops processing the new processes as well.

I have tried to increase the maxpoolsize, waitTimeInMillis without any luck. I have even tried a customjobexecutor(as suggested in this which uses commonj but the result is same.

I am using jetty with Oracle, have also tried postgres and mssql2008 the result is same.
There is no exception whatsoever being thrown from activiti so I have no clue where the problem lies.

Is there any bug in the jobexecutor ? I hope I have made myself clear enough to reproduce this error.


Jobexecutor does not seem to tackle simultaneousness at all.