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Wildcard search using activitis task service

Question asked by rajeshiv on Mar 29, 2012
I have a question regarding the wild card search using activiti's task Service.

Iam passing a variable to my process model on start up , and Iam searching for tasks based on the passed in parameter as shown in the code below.

TaskQuery query = taskService.createTaskQuery();
query = query.processVariableValueEquals(WorkItem.VARIABLE_APPLICATIONID, criteria.getApplicationId());

The search works absolutely fine when I pass the right applicationId in the criteria - e.g : "10001", this works fine and is puling the right tasks associated with the application id.

How do I apply a wild card search on this parameter. I tried passing in a String "%1%" and it did not provide me with the right search results.

The java doc for service is saying such wild card search should would be really helpful if you can guide me as to how I should do the wild card .