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Activiti Designer 5.9.0 released

Question asked by trademak on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by kyphi
Hi all,

I've released a new Activiti Designer version (5.9.0).
This is not just an upgrade with new features and bug fixes, we've also made a couple of changes to the core.
First, we don't have separate .activiti and bpmn20.xml files anymore. We now have one .bpmn file that contains the BPMN 2.0 XML information that's used to create a graphical diagram.
So any previous issues with the synchronization between the .activiti and the .bpmn20.xml file are gone.
Note that we changed the file extension to .bpmn. This has two reasons, first this is a default file extension for BPMN XML files. Second we need to have unique file extension for Activiti Designer diagrams, so .bpmn20.xml doesn't work, because this is seen as a XML file. To migrate your current diagrams to the new Activiti Designer release you only have to copy the .bpmn20.xml file and rename it to a .bpmn file. So actually there's no migration. Also note that this version of the Activiti Designer needs an Eclipse Indigo environment, so Helios is not supported.

Activiti Designer 5.9.0 highlights:

- Only one model file (with .bpmn extension), so no .activiti and .bpmn20.xml synchronization needed anymore.
- Support for nested sub processes.
- Support for signal events and event sub processes
- Improved the movement of boundary events and boundary events are now also moved with its parent.
- Upgrade to Graphiti 0.9.
- Lots of bug fixes.

So we welcome all users to try-out this new version of the Activiti Designer.
To get started copy one of your created .bpmn20.xml files to an Activiti project in the the new Activiti Designer and rename it with a .bpmn extension.
So you don't need the .activiti file at all.

For the next version we are looking at the implementation of the following features:

- Pools and lanes
- Text annotation
- Transaction and compensation support

But we welcome other requests for new features!

Best regards and enjoy,