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Performing an Action on Multiple Tasks

Question asked by bcmn on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by ronald.van.kuijk
I'm looking for advice on how to provide a user-friendly way that would allow users to perform actions on multiple tasks at once.  Activiti-Explorer works great for the majority of the use case where a single user would only have couple tasks but there are some extreme scenarios where a single user could have up to 100 tasks. (These tasks would be the same but created from different process instances.)

It's in these extreme situations where we have been asked to:
1) Allow a user to reassign any of the tasks to another user without having to step into each individual task
2) Allow a user to complete some/all of the tasks without having to complete the form for each task individually

I would normally just try to reduce the number of tasks created by combining allt he items into one process flow and create one task but the users need the ability to reassign and complete each item individually so this isn't an option.

I was hoping to get some feedback and ideas on the best way to provide this functionality. So far I came up with:
1) Create a custom web app that would do one of the following:
    A) Use the Activiti REST API & AJAX (Performance considerations?)
    B) Utilize a custom REST API that builds upon the Activiti Java API to the bulk of the work on the server
2) Extend Activiti-Explorer to provide this functionality with one of these approaches:
    A) Do everything in a "hacky" way using JQuery/Ajax to add some checkboxes, use the Activiti REST API to get the selected process details and submit the desired action in the background using AJAX
    B) Figure out the right way to add this functionality in such a way that we could hopefully contribute it back to the project. (Preferable)
3) Some other way that's better than anything above.

At the very least I figured this would start an interesting discussion. :)

Thanks in advance!
– Brad