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Multi instance User Task

Question asked by demotdi on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by ronald.van.kuijk
I am in the process of migrating JBPM4 processes to Activiti.

<foreach in="#{users}" name="users" var="user">
      <transition to="approve"/>
<task name="approve">
  <transition name="Work Complete" to="Review"/>
<task name="Review">

The above foreach construct in JBPM4 transitions to an user task. If the size of users is 2, it creates two tasks.

Can this be done in Activiti without using a subprocess? When user 1 completes 'approve' task, I would like to create the 'Review' task.  I am not able to make it work with multi instance user or service task as the task count shows 1 and not 2 ("approve task for user 2" and "Review task for user 1")

I would appreciate your help. Thank You.