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Drools error

Question asked by mikepoole on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by valep
I feel like I'm going backwards with Drools!!!

I have a process and associated simple drl file. When I create a new instance in Activiti Explorer, when I open my inbox (that contacts only the 1 new task), I get the following error:

java.lang.NoSucMethodError: org.drools.util.CompositeClassLoader.clone();

In my activiti-explorer/WEB-INF/lib directory, I have the jar files antlr-runtime-3.1.3, mvel2-2.1.0.drools4, knowledge-api-5.3.0.Final, drools-compiler-5.3.0.Final and drools-core-5.3.0.Final (the files are also in the activiti-rest/WEB-INF/lib for good measure)

As an aside, I also have in the same directory drools-api-5.1.1, antlr-2.7.7 and antl-3.3 - is there a versioning/priority conflict being caused by this perhaps?

What am I doing wrong?

Yours, on the edge of insanity!