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Call Activity 'End Error Event' parallel multi-instance

Question asked by brochet on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by zarezadeh
I defined a call activity with a parallel loopType.
My loop collection contains a list with 2 items. My call activity subprocess contains: one "start event" which goes to a "humentask" which goes to a "xor gateway" which goes on true to a normal "end event" and on false to the "end error event".
On my call activity i defined a boundary event to catch the subprocess "end error event" exception.
In my test i have 2 testcases.

1. one item leaves the subprocess over the "end error event" the second item is in the subprocess humentask
-> the catched boundary event path is executed but the second item instance ist still available, is this correct?
    I thought all instances that are still active should be destroyed.

2. both leave the suprocess over the "end error event"
-> the catched boundary event path is executed twice, is this correct?
    I thougth it should only execute one time.