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Keeping the Grails Activiti Plugin alive!

Question asked by limcheekin on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by trademak
Hi there,

Time was passing fast, it was almost two years since the day I look into Activiti and creating the Grails Activiti Plugin. In this period, the project was very much run and supported by one person and his personal efforts via project hosting site at and online group at

I think active users of the plugin was realized that the development activities of the project was slow recently. Yeah, the project is reaching the tipping point, it is either stagnant here or keep growing and improving.

Frankly speaking, I shift my priority off the project as it didn't generate any income to me, and I am just an ordinary person that need to pay bills. I can't support and develop the plugin for free infinitely.

The plugin need to find a sustainable model in order to keep it alive. I would like to hear your suggestions and seek your advices for keeping the plugin alive.

Lastly, many thanks to the support given by Activiti's development team, community and plugin users to the project, and developers: Ned and Nicolas that help to release the recent versions of the plugin.

Hope to hear from you soon! Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Best regards,
Chee Kin
Creator of the Grails Activiti Plugin

P/S: The same post was posted to the plugin's group at!topic/grails-activiti-plugin/e3HcB9_DV-g