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Adding a dynamic step while the instance is in flight

Question asked by dilipl1 on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by ankhara33
I have been evaluating Activitii to see if it helps us achieve what we are trying to accomplish.

Essentially we want the ability to add a dynamic step (available to be picked up from a list of steps) at any point in the process thereby affecting the instance in flight. The step can be added anywhere in the flow, obviously where the instance hasn't been to yet. So for example if I am at step 2 below, I should be able to add a step anywhere after step 2.

step 1 –> step 2 –> step 3 –> step 4

The original process should not be modified, just the one affecting the current instance.

I did see, that I can dynamically pick a subprocess (at runtime), however we want to be able to add a step anywhere. Any feedback is appreciated…thanks