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Archived eclipse plugin does not work.

Question asked by kingkong_13 on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by trademak
Hi I am currently working on a project and trying to get all the codes from the SVN to set it up. I am facing the following issue.

The new activity engine does not recognize the *.bpmn20.xml file but expects the *.bpmn extension. The problem is the latest eclipse (Indigo) and the plugin from the site work together but since the codebase is old and I am stuck to using the old version.

I have installed eclipse(Helios) and I am trying to install the plugin "" which is the older version. The problem which I face while trying to install is it says "site not found", when I use help –> Install New Software….

I checked the eclipse log file and it says the following.

MESSAGE No repository found at jar:file:/C:/software_dumps/!/.

Please help.