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Error when loading bmpn20.xml with eventGateway

Question asked by pitagoras on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on May 12, 2012 by pitagoras
I'm using Activiti 5.9 with designer 5.9.1 on eclipse indigo.
I find 2 problems.
1) First, the designer wants to work with .bpmn files, while deployment (in a test case for example) wants .bpmn20.xml to parse correctly. Of course the workaround is to rename the file.
2) I have a file that I renamed which wont load because this strange error:

org.activiti.engine.ActivitiException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'eventGateway'. One of '{"':flowElement, "':artifact, "':resourceRole, "':correlationSubscription, "':supports}' is expected. | ventas/offline/assign/ventaoffline.bpmn20.xml | line 56 | column 33
cvc-id.1: There is no ID/IDREF binding for IDREF 'gateway1'. | ventas/offline/assign/ventaoffline.bpmn20.xml | line 159 | column 15
Invalid source 'gateway1' of sequence flow 'flow17' | ventas/offline/assign/ventaoffline.bpmn20.xml | line 74 | column 102
Invalid destination 'gateway1' of sequence flow 'flow21' | ventas/offline/assign/ventaoffline.bpmn20.xml | line 78 | column 82
Invalid source 'gateway1' of sequence flow 'flow22' | ventas/offline/assign/ventaoffline.bpmn20.xml | line 79 | column 101

   at org.activiti.engine.impl.util.xml.Parse.throwActivitiExceptionForErrors(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.bpmn.parser.BpmnParse.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.bpmn.deployer.BpmnDeployer.deploy(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.deploy.DeploymentCache.deploy(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity.DeploymentManager.insertDeployment(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.cmd.DeployCmd.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.cmd.DeployCmd.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.interceptor.CommandExecutorImpl.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.interceptor.CommandContextInterceptor.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.interceptor.LogInterceptor.execute(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.RepositoryServiceImpl.deploy(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.repository.DeploymentBuilderImpl.deploy(
   at org.activiti.engine.impl.test.TestHelper.annotationDeploymentSetUp(
   at org.activiti.engine.test.ActivitiRule.starting(
   at org.junit.rules.TestWatchman$1.evaluate(

and the file is marked with an error on the workspace:

PackageNotFoundException: Package with uri '' not found. (platform:/resource/ventas-offline/src/test/java/
ventas/offline/assign/VentasOfflineTest.testAssignment.bpmn20.xml, 2, 469)

where the filename shown is the old file name…
looks like some catching on eclipse? anyone can help with this?