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Edit and Save -> bpmn20.xml is empty

Question asked by waveburn on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by trademak

i'm new in Activiti. I just installed the Eclipse 64bit
and the activiti designer plugin 5.9.1 how said in the user guides.

I have create a new diagram by copy&paste from here and open it with the activiti perspective.
All fine, I see the flow. But when I try to do something and save, I close the prospective and I open the file xml to see the modification, I see only an empty file.
I try to reopen with the activiti perspective but is also empty.
I try also with easy modification, only move a little bit over an element, but still doesn't work.

I try also to erase my workspace, eclipse and install all new copy of it and of the plugin, but still doesn't work.

Did I do something wrong?