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Integration between java class and activiti (eclipse)

Question asked by linuxpointsuse on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 26, 2012 by linuxpointsuse
Hello, I' begin with activiti and I've some questions for my project.
1 . I made a diagram with eclipse in a activiti project with user task and service. Maven dependances enable and I've just a xx.bpmn ( it's ok act 5.9)
2 . I created 3 java class (implements JavaDelegate) and I created var in my diagramm (proprieties / form / id ) and I'm able to catch and set this with
my java class.
Questions : :!:
- How do a "main java class" (for new myObject() …) and how launch it when I start a process .
- How set an object' instance with his method ( .toMakeSomething()) , in diagramm I can just (service task / main config / java class ) put my class and not a method .
- I search idea and exemple for "best pratice" for my activiti 5.9 under eclipse ( webService / bean / … ) and in user guide it's not really easy to find how do that.
Thank you for your answer.
Ls. :!: