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Extending Form Property?

Question asked by njames on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by trademak
Hi everyone,
Apologies if this question is answered someplace else, but I couldn't formulate a search that gave good enough results…

We would like our Form Properties to have some extra properties, for example "form validation" using "masks" (think regular expressions) and "hint text".

We would also like to add a Form Property Group, with a view to grouping properties into "panels". I think that this could be made using a custom Form Type with a value of List<FormProperty>? I'm thinking of the "Composite" pattern in the GoF book.

Would it be appropriate to extend the classes provided by Activiti, with a view to donating back, or should we develop our own, completely external Form Property management system and just use the Form Key in the Process Definition?

Just have to point out that we are not using the activiti-explorer to render forms. Also, I'm assuming that some sort of enhanced forms are not in the Activiti road map.