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Exporting a Petals BPMN to Activiti BPM Explorer

Question asked by c.arunrathnakumar on May 16, 2012
Hi all,
I m new to BPM Development..
I have a small scenario..
I use Activiti Explorer to manage BPM flows..
I ve Designed a sample Descriptive Process in Petals BPM Editor and saved it in .BPMN format..
It is getting saved in my:
I copy this file, place it in desktop, change the format of the file to somexxxid.bpmn20.xml
I run my Activiti Exlporer, upload a new task, and drag this file(somexxxid.bpmn20.xml) to the Activiti Explorer…
Immediately, I receive some errors…
So I tried removing the <collaboration> tag, and the attributes specified in <process> tag…
Then, i try to deploy it again in activiti, its deployed with the notations being somewhat different.


Can anybody help on exporting the bpmn into xml and without removing those <collaboration> and attributes of <process>..
Or, is there any way to design processes in petals bpmn editor and import it to activiti?

Thanks in advance..