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Where  to config  the  server's properties of email task

Question asked by fly_yuyong on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by chris.joelly
Firstly,I am sorry that my English is bad.

I have read the guide for activiti 5.4 and I have read the part of email task
The case of this part just point out that how to config "from","to","subject", and "html".

like this
<serviceTask id="xx" activiti:type="mail">
           <activiti:field name="from" stringValue=""/>
           <activiti:field name="to"  stringValue="xxxxx"/>

but I don't know where to config the "mailServerHost","mailServerPort" ,"mailServerUsername",and "mailServerPassword".
please help me ,and give me an example.

Thank you very much!